190 – AMG GT R / Pro Fender Extractors


RENNtech did not simply replicate the OEM GT R PRO extractors.  Extensive analysis and engineering development have optimized the RENNtech extractor design to improve the evacuation of high-pressure build up within the front wheel housings.  Additional benefits of this design include, increasing front end downforce and countering understeer tendencies.  The individual extractor openings are increased in size and reshaped for a more aggressive yet highly functional aesthetic.

The benefits of the RENNtech Fender Extractors aero improvements are enhanced when working in harmony with the additional RENNtech AMG GT R components; front canards, rear diffuser, and rear wing.  This full aero package was developed to function cohesively, creating a more balanced and stabilized driving feel for the car.


  • This is a direct replacement for the OEM plastic piece
  • Attaches with double sided tape
  • No modifications to OEM part or fender needed

AMG GT R Non-Pro:

  • Modification to OEM fenders is required
    • OEM fenders need to be cut in order to fit the extractors onto AMG GT R fenders
    • Cutting instructions and template supplied by RENNtech
  • In order to make the extractors fully functional, RENNtech inner fender housings are required.
    • Using just the extractors without fender housings is not recommended on the standard AMG GT R models

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