• Replica of factory Motorsports rear roll bar
• Chromoly tubing with precision TIG welding
• Meets safety standards for harness mounting
• Will work with the factory front roll cage (sold separately)


• Porsche 991 GT3 | GT3 RS | GT2RS
• May fit Porsche 991 Carrera | Turbo with carpet and seat modifications

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Agency Power

Agency Power Porsche 991 GT Harness Bar

The factory Motorsports rear roll cage for the Porsche 991 GT3 | GT3 RS | GT2RS is nearly impossible to acquire. If you didn’t order it from the factory, it cannot be purchased separately. There are options out there to equip your GT car with a rear roll bar or harness bar. However these are not the same as the factory installed option. What the race drivers brain can’t have, they want even more!

Agency Power has been manufacturing rear roll bar and harness bars for Porsche cars since 2009. Their popular applications for the 996 | 997 platform as well as the 991 Carrera and Turbo platform have been sold worldwide. In addition to their new Porsche 981 harness bar, they wanted to further their product offering with a true track racing focused product. To give Porsche owners the best solution available for the 991 GT3 | GT3 RS | GT2RS, Agency Power acquired one of these unobtainum Motorsports roll cages. Instead of redesigning the product like others, they replicated what the people demanded! This roll bar has been mimicked down to the “T” compared to the factory Motorsports part.

Porsche roll bars are also known as Harness Bars. With obvious safety and structural rigidity implemented into the design, the main focus for this bar is to connect your harnesses. Racing harnesses keep you secure in your seat for track days so you can focus on delicate steering wheel control and not sliding around in your seat. Like the factory bar, it is designed to mount to the rear upper shock tower mounts. This is the safest and strongest mounting point for the vehicle. The steel mounting plates provide a direct rigid contact to the frame. The front mounting position is located just behind the front seats on the floor board. The factory GT3 carpet has a cut out to mount this main hoop without additional modifications. The entire bar is made from 4130 chromoly tube and features CNC machined 1018 rolled steel inserts. The chromoly material is comprised of 2 inch .090 wall and 1.5 inch .090 wall diameter tube. Like the factory Motorsports cage, it features triangulated gusset supports on the main hoop. Each CNC machined insert is designed to incorporate the easily obtainable front Motorsports roll cage section (sold separately and pictured for reference). These inserts connect to the 4 roof points and 2 door bar points on either side of the vehicle. The entire Agency Power roll bar has been TIG welded off a precision JIG in Arizona, USA. The rear section weighs 63lbs

The roll bars are sold in the raw chromoly finish so owners can custom paint them to their liking. Agency Power does offer the bars to be powder coated for an additional charge.